What to Bake When You're Calculating Pi

March 12, 2019


'Pi' is an infinite number, which means it just continues on forever (much like eating pie). Not only do pies taste amazing, they're great any time of the year. We've got vegan pies, gluten-free pies and pies that aren't even round (wild). Try adding one to your cookbook now to celebrate International Pi Day!

Southern charm.

Sweet Cherry Pie

Sweet and Savory by Shinee

This is the type of pie that's been passed down for generations and you can just imagine it sitting out on a windowsill, cooling down. This is worth finding ripe cherries for!

Healthy pie?

No Bake Dirt Pie

Cotter Crunch

There is such a thing! This vegan pie is made even better by being no-bake. This means it's pretty impossible to mess up and is super great to make with kids.

Slow cookin'.

Peaches and Cream Pie

Where Your Treasure Is

These peaches are cooked slowly, bringing out their amazing sweet flavor. A good trick to easily peel them is to boil them first and then the skin will slip right off.

All about the crust.

French Coconut Pie

A Fork's Tale

This easy pie is made even simpler by using a ready made crust and there's only 7 staple ingredients needed to make the filling!


Basic Apple Pie

Alexandra's Kitchen

This is one of those pies that you're gonna make again and again. It's a winter warmer but also perfect to bring along to picnics.


Frozen Mocha Pie

Buy This Cook That

This pie needs time in the freezer so it's best to make it either the night before or in the morning. It's so simple to put together and lasts well in the freezer!

Avocado power!

Avocado Chocolate Mousse Pie

Live Eat Learn

Avocado magic strikes again. The creamy texture of them works so well in this pie. Plus, it keeps it a little healthier and plant-based!

Grain free.

Grain Free Apple Crumble Pie

Lemons and Basil

This gluten-free pie uses an almond meal crust and is best served alongside some rich vanilla ice cream .

Square pie.

Banana & Peanut Butter Mascarpone Pie

Lady and Pups

Make. this. pie. Seriously. I haven't stopped thinking about it since I first tried it. It tastes even better the next day, so if you can resist, I'd make it the night before and then add the sugar on top to caramelise just before serving.

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